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Author And Artist Combine To Create Next Generation’s Myths

An English fantasy author and a renowned Icelandic artist have recently joined forces to create a new series of myths for the next generation.

newspapersAuthor Oliver Paglia and Icelandic fantasy artist Börkur Eiríksson have just completed their first collaboration and already the world is taking notice.

The debut novel by author Oliver Pagia, Merewyrm’s Tooth, has just been released by Mirador Publishing and is already coming to the attention of the critics. The influential website Book Reviewer described it as ‘a wonderful tale for those who love the mystery and magic of storytelling.’ While the Book Blogger commented, ‘His canvas is huge and rivals the giants of the genre such as Tolkien or Martin.’

Although a fantasy novel and aimed squarely at an adult audience, Paglia has used the story to comment on society’s disregard of old traditions. “It seems to me that contemporary western thinking is too dismissive of old traditions and the few remaining tribal customs still alive in this world,” Paglia said. “Myth has been one of the casualties of recent years and I think it is important to address that.”

His friend and collaborator, artist Börkur Eiríksson, is a renowned Icelandic Fantasy Artist and has created a beautifully sublime cover which is certain to catch the eye.

“We were delighted to be able to secure this book,” said Sarah Luddington, Mirador Publishing’s Commissioning Editor. “Fantasy is making a huge resurgence and Merewyrm’s Tooth is a strong contender in the genre, especially with the stunning cover art.”

Merewyrm’s Tooth is available now as a paperback through all good bookshops and online as both paperback a eBook in all popular formats.

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