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Merewyrm’s Tooth brings a completely new experience. It’s the clever blending of folk tales, real myths and the author’s own creations that gives this book an edge of similar entries in this field. His canvas is huge and rivals the giants of the genre such as Tolkien or Martin but it’s Paglia’s skilful handling of these interwoven creatures and legends which really brings this tale to life. Read full review here.

From the Book Reviewer (reproduced by kind permission)

Paglia has demonstrated remarkable skill and restraint in his worlds and characters and he gives us a wonderful tale for those who love the mystery and magic of storytelling and want to pass it on to the next generation.

Read full review here

And for the latest book – Gauntlet of Wrath

This is the long awaited sequel to Merewyrm’s Tooth, the first in the Animal Kingdom’s series. It’s a beautifully written story with a strong narrative, great characters and a true sense of otherworldliness that makes you believe you’ve walked into the scary tent on the front cover and met the evil haunting the land.

As with the first book we follow Faharen while his strength and mettle are tested against the mightiest of foes. This antagonist is is a perfect example of what evil means to young fantasy readers. The story twists and turns, moulds itself to the dark world that’s created and soon you find yourself as deeply embedded as Faharen in the chaos of war.

In continuing this saga, bringing the dark of heart of northern myths and legends alive for young readers, Paglia has seen to it that this series deserves to become a ‘go to’ for lovers of The Hobbit and others of its ilk. There is a darkness to these stories that young people will love, a hero with wit and intelligence, a threat so dire the world stands on the brink and through it all, this wonderful gift of storytelling that makes us wish for warm firesides and mead in our tankards.

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